CHC Kindergarten Program

At CHC kindergarten, your child will thrive with activity oriented teaching with a hands on approach. A new picture book each week will be the starting point for meaningful learning in context. Language Arts and Math will be taught daily. Additional subjects such as science, history, geography, and social studies will be rotated through based on the story.
This style of learning aims to foster a love of learning. It’s less about a  checklist to get through and more about enjoying the process.
There are four main components to our schedule: Circle, free choice, table time and active learning. I intersperse teacher directed and child directed, and focused sitting work with whole body learning.

During circle, we read our story, learn about the calendar, and do group activities together such as working on our little clocks, using the whiteboard to practice our letters, pinpointing on a map where the story takes place etc.

Free choice is a child led learning time rather than teacher led. Kids can choose what they want to engage with such as blocks, imaginative play, looking at a book, doing a puzzle etc.

Table time is where we practice writing. Kids will learn to recognize letters, their sounds and how to write them in capital and lowercase. They might work with a partner to make or build something. A lot of small motor work such as sorting, counting with math manipulatives, lacing, cutting, gluing and such are a regular part of our day.


Active learning involves children using their large motor skills during activities that are tailored to coincide with what we are learning about that week. Hopping, using sitting scooter boards, balancing, crawling through tunnels, throwing and catching are examples of some large motor movements we may be engaging in.

The four hours they will be in class per week, will be a fun learning experience that will enhance whatever homeschooling method your child is already doing with you, the parent, at home.

Each child is a unique gift from God. It is our desire that, truths about life, who God is, and character development flow seamlessly through all their subjects of learning. Kindergarten will be a positive experience for your child to explore, interact, ask questions, problem solve, and feel the delight and wonder of learning!