Homeschooling Philosophy


We are a Christian faith based, unaccredited, non-profit organization existing to supplement home education for K-12.

We strongly believe that homeschooling can provide a robust and thorough education, enabling students to thrive as they work towards mastery in all areas of learning. Our model provides the best of both worlds—the benefits and freedoms of homeschooling combined with the opportunity to be taught by passionate instructors alongside small
groups of peers and friends. We believe this model fosters friendships, social interactions, and opportunities for families to be connected in fellowship and community.

Our desire is to provide a place where God is honored, and together, help students learn how our lives can reflect and glorify God’s creation, redemption, and restoration in us. We want to support the Biblical mandate that parents are blessed with children and have the primary responsibility to raise them with a Biblical worldview.

We respect the choice of homeschooling as a family decision. We have found that it is very important, and that students do best, when both parents are fully onboard with the decision to homeschool and participate in co-op learning. We also find that students in the secondary level do better if they personally also agree with this style of learning. We
ask that both parents sign the registration agreement, and that secondary students also
sign their willingness to participate in the learning.